Flavor Much was created to inspire the inner chef within you with high quality globally sourced spices & chef-tested recipes. Three small perfectly portioned batches of spices in heat-sealed reusable bags & beginner, intermediate and advanced recipes for all culinary abilities will be delivered to your doorstep every month. Enjoy! 


Does my subscription autorenew?
All non-gift purchases are autorenewing. You can cancel online anytime.
What’s your cancellation policy?
We’d hate to see you leave the flavor journey, but you can cancel via your email at any time for any reason.
Can you send a tracking number?
We ship via USPS First Class Mail which unfortunately does not allow for tracking. Please send us a message if you haven't received your order and we will take care of it immediately!
When will I receive my first monthly spice box?
All orders placed after the 10th of the month will be received the following month.  If you are based in the US, you will receive each month's spice box around the 15-20th of the month via USPS First Class Mail. We do not ship international, yet.  Please contact us if you haven't received your box, the best way to contact us is at Contact@flavormuch.com
How fresh are the spices that you include in your monthly spice box?
We source all of the spices that month. When your box arrives, the spices will usually be just 7-10 days past ground date, in heat sealed reusable pouches to ensuring the ultimate freshness and functionality. 
How many spice pouches will I receive each month and what is the typical serving size of each spice pouch?
Each month, we send 3 spice pouches, which are enough to create 3 individual dishes serving 4-6 people. The total amount of spices will typically weigh between 1-2.5 ounces each month.
Is shipping free in the US? What are shipping costs to Canada and internationally?
Yes! We ship for free in the US. We do not ship international. Coming soon. 
Do your spice blends contain nuts, dairy or other allergens?
Our spice typically will not contain nuts or any allergens.  You’re safe. 
Are your spices suitable for vegans or those with other dietary restrictions?
The majority of our spice are suitable for vegans and the best part is that our spice are suitable for creating recipes that are friendly for vegans, vegetarians, paleo and those with other dietary restrictions as well. Let’s eat!
 Are your spices irradiated?
We source our spices from various places and so are unable to provide solely non-irradiated spices.

Are your spices organic and/or fair trade?
We will always purchase organic and fair trade whole spices where we can. However, sometimes we may not be able to include organic ingredients due to price or limited availability.
How quickly should I use the spices you sent me?
Whole spices can last several years, but ground spices quickly lose their flavor over the course of a few months.  This is why we ship our fresh spices in heat sealed reusable small batches, for just the amount you need. If you cannot use our spices within the first 3 weeks of receiving them, we recommend transferring them to an air tight jar or container and storing them in a cool, dark spot in your kitchen cabinet.  Old spices technically do not go bad and so will not affect you in any way, but will lose their true flavor over time.  A good, simple test is to smell them.  If you don't get a scent, it is a good time to get new spices.
Are your recipes tested by an actual chef? 

Yes, all our recipes are test by our head chef to ensure proper flavor usage, quantity and culinary level. 

I have dietary restrictions.  Can I still order a flavor kit? 

Most definitely, we provide substitutes or all diets.

I’m not an expert in cooking. 

That’s ok! We make it easy for you with three different cooking levels: easy medium and hard. The “easy” level should take you 15-20 minutes to make. The “medium” level should take you 35-60 minutes and “hard” around 60-90 minutes. We can’t wait to assist in your culinary

How can I find you on Instagram & Facebook?
We'd love to see what you're cooking! Please find our social media links at the bottom of this page and share your dishes for a chance to win free monthly boxes!
What is your privacy policy?
Flavormuch.com does not sell, rent, or share any of your personal information to any third party. Your information is used for the sole purpose of completing your purchase or contacting you regarding your purchase.
I have more questions and/or want to partner with you!
Please feel free to message us via email at Contact@flavormuch.com!  Thanks!

If I am giving this as a gift, when will I receive my gift certificate?
Please ensure you've checked that your order is a gift on our checkout page. You will automatically receive a gift certificate with your order confirmation to print or email for your gift recipient! We will not contact your gift recipient directly.